9X9X25 Challenge Accepted

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So I’ve been a little busy lately with the new teaching semester here in the Faculty of Education at Lakehead University and have not been blogging/Tweeting very much at all. 

Hopefully that will change with the Ontario Extend 9X9X25 Challenge. The idea is to post about your teaching in 9 posts, over 9 weeks, with a minimum of 25 sentences per post. No fragments!

I love this idea for a couple of reasons.

  1. It is an incentive to get back to blogging – I originally started blogging regularly this past spring when I got involved in the Ontario Extend East Cohort and continued with the West Cohort as well. It introduced (or re-introduced) me to many post-secondary Ontario instructors who were “Extending” their knowledge. I made new friends, go involved in some sock-related conspiracies (#sockspiracy), and increased my understanding of using technology to enable learning experiences. 
  2. It will get me reflecting on my teaching – Up until now, my blogging has been related to my learning as I went through the Ontario Extend modules. I was able to tie some of the learning to the classroom, but the majority of the learning took place after my classes were over last spring so it has been pretty theoretical. I’ve now had the opportunity to put some of the ideas and learning into practice and taking the time to review how it is going will be very beneficial.
  3. If I can see Terry Greene at some point during this process I might get an Ontario Extend mug!!!  – My only concern is that this does not become another “sockspiracy” incident. I don’t think I (or Terry) can handle that again. 🙂

So my goal is to try and post once a week for the next nine weeks (per the challenge) and reflect on my teaching in the Faculty of Education at Lakehead Orillia. I am currently teaching 6 courses (4 Curriculum & Instruction – Science courses, an Educational Law course, and a Planning, Evaluation & Classroom Management course. I’m also acting as a Faculty Advisor for student teachers who are going out on their practicums in November.

So it is a very heavy course load and it is often too easy to keep moving forward and not worrying about what you did in your last class, let alone last week. However, that is not what we are teaching our future educators. We stress the importance of being reflective educators in our classes and the lesson plans they are taught to use include a reflection section that we have them fill in after they teach their lessons. All in all, being a reflective educator is something we preach, however, how many of us actually practice it?

This 9X9X25 challenge is definitely going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to reading what others are doing in their own teaching so as to see what I consider doing in my own teaching practice.

9X9X25 Challenge Accepted!

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