Experimenter Module Lab Report

This post is in response to the culminating activity for the Experimenter Module of Ontario Extend. The idea is to reflect on the different experiments we did as part of the module. Here goes.

What I Did

I decided to do the following Dailies and Deep Dive.

  • #oext1 – Can you think of an Everyday Metaphor for Extending?
  • #oext4 – Google your own name.  Find the most interesting doppelganger.
  • #oext13 – Define Yourself in One or More Noun Project Icons.
  • Loop It – Highlight  a topic or concept for _____________ by creating a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

How and Why I Did It… Also What Worked

For the Everyday Metaphor for Extending, I decided to go back into my photo archives and find some images of my 1988 Volkswagen Westphalia camper van. Those who know me well know that it is one of my favourite things and where I like to spend as much time as possible in the summer months. I took the idea of extending to be that I am going further than I might if I was not travelling in the van.

For the Doppelganger activity, I decided to reuse a daily where we were asked to mash up two other dailies (#oext131). I happen to use the doppelganger activity in that one and thought discussing it here was worthwhile. I mashed it with #oext36 where we were asked to show ourselves in some cool shades. I took images of my doppelganger and using Pixlr Editor, some open source backgrounds, and some open source sunglass icons to show them on the water wearing cool shades.

For the final Daily Experiment, I choose to define myself using the Noun Project. I thought about just finding the images and uploading them to Twitter but decided that I wanted to experiment a little more here, so I decided to try out Adobe Spark. I’d had a little bit of exposure to Spark in the past but never really had much of a chance to use it. It was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. I uploaded the icons into Spark and it pretty much generated the video for me. Definitely worth playing with in the future if you need a quick, simple video creator.

Finally, I did a Deep Dive using the Loop It activity. For this one, I knew I was using Giphy because it is one of the simplest animated GIF creator (and the one linked to in the activity). I wanted to do something with Bloom’s Taxonomy and thought it would be nice to have an animated pyramid of the taxonomy with definitions as I was unable to find anything of that sort. I found a good copy of the taxonomy that was licensed CC-BY from Vanderbilt Centre for Teaching and proceeded to cut it up using, of all things, Microsoft Paint 3D. It was the first time I’d used that application on my laptop but was very impressed with the Magic Select tool for being able to define areas to remove. I proceeded to remove and save different variations with one layer removed. I then uploaded each version into Giphy, made sure they were in the correct order and voila!

Animated Bloom’s Taxonomy GIf (CC-BY) Original Image from Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching on Flickr.


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