Loop It Deep Dive

This post is in response to the activity from the Experimenter Module of Ontario Extend titled Loop it. The instructions are:

Highlight a topic or concept for _____________, math, literature, philosophy, etc., by creating one of those looping GIF things

Animated Bloom’s Taxonomy GIf (CC-BY) Original Image from Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching on Flickr.

I’ve decided to look at a topic that comes up pretty regularly in Faculty of Education classes: The Cognitive Domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy. These levels are often used in education to with the acronyms LOT and HOT. LOT stands for Lower Order Thinking are the skills represented from the bottom layers of the pyramid: Remember, Understand, Apply. These are the building blocks towards the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOT): Analyze, Evaluate and Create.

This animated GIF I created using a Creative Commons image from the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching shows the levels building upon one another and includes definitions of each level and some example terminology for each level. For example, a question that falls at the Remembering level might be to “Define” something, whereas at the Create level you might ask a student to “Construct” or “Develop” something.

Header Photo by Baher Khairy on Unsplash

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