Spritzlet and Reading Fast

This is a blog post in response to the Daily Extend #oext132. The instructions for today’s activity was to use the Spritzlet app to speed read an article. I choose to play some catch up on some Ontario Extend Blog Posts that I had fallen behind reading.

The setup process was simple. Drag the icon to the bookmark bar, go to page you want to speed read, and click the new bookmark that is created. No issues there, works as advertised.

What I’d like to address is the quality of the reading that occurs. Yes, I’ve read the blog posts, or the article, however, have I really understood the entire contents of the material? When I read, I like to absorb what I am reading. I want to understand and re-read important sentences or paragraphs.

I do not want what I’ve read to be something I’ve checked off a list, just to say I’ve done it. It reminds me of the story of traveler on a cruise ship who gets a knock on their cabin to be told excitedly they are approaching Easter Island. They consult a list and say “been there”, and shut the door, never to get off the ship.

Photo by Peter Hansen on Unsplash

The bottom line is that I think Spritz has it uses, however I do not feel those uses are for me. I’d love to hear from others about how they might use a tool like this in the classroom though.

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